Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Doctor Fish...

well...the boyz were actually afraid to put their feet in...
Batrisyia was cool...Aboy...look at his mouth...haha geli la tu

d size of the fish were quite big compared to the ones at Giant Kuantan

I screamed at first coz I felt as if something was tickling my feet...only then you would feel okay...

Hey guys...
wanna write abt doctor fish which is quite well-known at the moment...
I've tried it once...last November during my vacation at Bukit Merah
guess what? was sooooo exciting haha...sooooo geli at first
after a few minutes you would be simply ignoring the fish
and the best part is...try to pull your feet up, then the fish will bite your tapak kaki...lagi ler geli-geleman...hihi
so selamat mencuba...


  1. ikin nak sangat buat benda tu tapi malu nak angkat seluar sbb bulu kaki byk sangat.he..he.nak2 kat giant depan pintu masuk semua dpt tengok.kalau nak buat gak kena la cari kat spa yg ada benda tu privacy ckit

  2. waaa madam, i really want to try it!
    macam sangat bestt heh.
    but havent tried it yet.
    yaa,the one dkt giant sgt open. ugh.